Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inserting a Flash SWF into a Blogger Post

Maybe you are wondering exactly how the above Flash SWF animation file was embedded into this blog post.

Well it was done by editing the HTML of the post, to have an embedded flash object contained in it. This was done by typing in the following html:

(Click the above image to see it full size and read the text. )

The big potential drawback is that you need to have your swf file on a website somewhere that you can make a link to from within your blog html. My "beauty_beast" swf file is on an old unused website I have at:

If you do not have a website to use, you might be able to make a free one at somewhere like:,, or
Possibly you can then upload an swf file to the freesite, and then link to it from within a blog.

If anyone tries out a free site and loads up an swf for linkage, let me know if it works out ok.
I will also place it on my list of things to do sometime in 2009.

Big Passy Wasabi

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