Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogger "How To" Presentations

The above is a SlideShare presentation that shows step by step how to join up with Google and set up a Blogger blog.

The bottom right hand corner "full screen" icon can be clicked to make the presentation full size (and more readable). Simply re-click the icon, or press the Escape key to come back down to normal size back in this blog.

The slideshow also covers how to add widgets and all types of useful items to the blog's sidebar, and has many useful hints and tips.

Here is another Slideshow all about Blogger, that will reinforce the material covered in the previous presentation.

I might do one or two more posts about How To Use Blogger, because I found quite a few useful presentations on Blogging at, and figure I might as well share the best of them.

There is also a You Tube Channel dedicated to how to do things in Blogger.
Click this link to go there:

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