Sunday, June 7, 2009

Download and Install Dafont Fonts

Dafont is a website at that contains some really amazing fonts, like the ones shown above. There are hundreds more. Go to the dafont site, using the link below, and check it out.

Click here to go to the Dafont Website

The fonts from the Dafont site can usually be downloaded and installed, free of charge, for personal non-commerical use.

The heading on this Blog page's template was actually made using Dafont "Designer Block" font, which was then stylized in Adobe CS3 Fireworks.

The downloaded Dafont files are zip files that need to be unarchived and then installed into Windows XP using Start > Control Panel > Fonts.

The PDF document below gives detailed step by step instructions on how to select, download, and install dafont fonts.

Click Here for PDF details on How to Use Dafont

Big Passy Wasabi

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