Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to Make a Blog Wider

We all need a bit of extra width to increase capacity, especially on our Blog.

There is a great set of instructions for doing this on the web at this address:

Click Here to View the How to Widen Blog Instructions

Changing the standard blog template basically entails 4 things.

First we increase the width of the Outer Wrapper and then we increase the width of the Header.

We then adjust the two columns inside the Outer Wrapper. These two columns are the Post column and the Sidebar column. Lastly we increase the width of the Footer.

The result for our blog is a text width of 550 pixels, rather than the standard 400 pixels.

This blog has been widened to 550 pixels, which is very handy for when we need to embed You Tube videos, Flickr Slidshows, scrollable PDF's or Open Office SWF format Presentations, because we can also make all these items up to 550 pixels wide.

If you cannot reach the previously mentioned website, and want a detailed copy of the "How to Widen" instructions, then click the link below.

Click Here for PDF of How to Widen Blog Instructions

Big Passy Wasabi

Note that the original wide ship picture used for this entry is located at, and was found using Google Images.

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