Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seth Godin and Web 2.0

I stumbled onto "Seth Godin", as I have on a few things lately, simply by doing "Next Blog" while logged into my blog page. Doing this earlier today, I found a blog devoted to Business Marketing, and it kept mentioning this guy called "Seth Godin".

And so here is a short 2 minute YouTube video about Blogging.
It comes from which is a business ideas site run by American Express.

It features Seth Godin, and if you want to find out all about him, then click to go here: , (and then use the browser back button to come back here).

Here is a good two minute video about internet Social Networking :

Finally, he has this interesting idea about forming Tribes, via the internet, and there is an interesting 12 minute video interview on this below:

There are plenty of other YouTube videos out there featuring Seth Godin, just go to and type "Seth Godin" in the search bar.

There is also a link to his Blog at: in the right hand side bar of this blog.

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