Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SlideShare Examples for Teachers

Note that if you click the "Slide Screen" icon in the bottom right hand corner, you can watch this presentation full size on your screen. Press the Escape key to get back down to normal size again. Note that often we have to make it full size to be able to read all of the material on detailed slide shows.

What is Slide Share ?

"SlideShare" online presentations can be found at which is a Web 2.0 type site, where people can sign up and join the community. (Just remember to check your email afterwards and reply to the confirmation email, or you will not get full access) . However, you do not have to sign up to view the slideshows online, only to download them and make your own library.

Click this link to see the Slide Show at the start of this blog. at the Slide Share web site:

Basically "SlideShare" it is where people can upload their PowerPoint presentations and have them shared and presented on the web page. Some of them even have "Get File" buttons so that you can download your own copy of the PPT, (in PowerPoint format). However sometimes the download does not always work fro some reason on presentations that are not so recent.

The other handy thing is that you can add "favorites", while signed-in on the SlideShare page, and thus build up your own personal library of presentations from anybody.

Here are just some of the thousands of slide share presentations available on the website. Check them out for your subject area, and also go to and use the top right hand search box to find hundreds more.

Slideshare Examples for School Teaching






Religious Education:

Food Technology / Cooking :

Phys Ed:

Health: (Drugs)

Art :

ICT / Computers :

and literally thousands of others.

Here is a Slide Show all about SlideShare itself:

Because it is a “document” and not a slide show, it is probably best to maximise it, (use the "full screen" icon at the very bottom right hand corner of the slideshare screen), and also use the scroll bar to read through it like a document, because the author seems to have made some pages a bit too tall to be a slide. (Use the Escape key to come back to normal size).

So check out slideshare sometime, if you need a presentation for a subject, (or to learn something new just for yourself) because there is great material there, and best of all it is 100% free.

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