Sunday, June 14, 2009

WallWisher Online Notice Board

The above Web page of resources for Junior High School Geometry was built using Wall Wisher. Click the link below to go to the "wall" in a new Web page window:

Click Here to view the Geometry Resources Wall

Wall Wisher can also be used to have an online group discussion, (that can be asynchronous) like in the following wall:

“Wall Wisher” is a Web 2.0 free online tool where anyone can build a "wall".
Everybody else can then go onto the internet and stick post-it notes electronically onto the wall, (and include linked Pictures, You Tube videos, PowerPoints, PDF documents, Excel Spreadsheets, or web page links). It was originally designed for birthday, anniversary or get well soon etc wishes. A whole group of people could add their messages for someone; and that person could then read them on the web. However, Wall Wisher can be used for educational purposes as well.

If you would like to view a PDF document that gives full step by step details on how to use Wall Wisher, then click the link below:

Click here to view a PDF on How to Use Wall Wisher

Sample Wall Wishers for Teachers

The following is a good example of Brainstorming:

The following one is a History of the UK’s involvement in Africa :

Causes of World War II :

Another one on causes of World War II:

And yet another one on the very popular World War II:

This is a good example one for English teachers :

A resources page of links to material that might be useful for English as Second Language Teachers:

Wall Wisher is 100% Free, easy to use, and lots of fun.

Big Passy Wasabi

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