Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Robo Chess" Online Chess Game

This is a fun little free Flash game of Chess made by Start Games.

Click the "Play" button to start the game. (Takes a while to load in).

Make sure your speakers are switched on to hear the very informative comments from the Robot.

Note : To "castle": Click the king once first and then click on the rook !

What I like best about the game animation is moving the mouse around the Robot's head, and seeing his eyes follow it in a very human-like manner.

What I like second best is how the Robot just says a simple "Oh No !", when you get him into check mate.

Drawbacks to the game are that the Robot makes his moves very fast, and we cannot see all of our lost pieces stacked up at the side of the board as we play.

There are several other embeddable chess games at: .

But you do not need to CHECK out these MATE, because currently Robo Chess is the highest ranked favorite. :)

Big Passy Wasabi

Note: "Robo Chess" is fairly easy to win against, and does not have favorable reviews everywhere on the web. If you are after a more serious challenge then you should probably check out this site:
and play some of the Java Chess games there.

Another site with a very good multi-level Chess game that I recommend for players of all abilities is at:

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