Saturday, July 18, 2009

WallWisher and More Mathematics


The above Web page of resources for Junior High School Statistics was built using Wall Wisher. Click the link below to go to the "wall" in a new Web page window:

Click Here to view the Statistics Resources Wall

I have been busy using Wall Wisher again, this time to make a reference wall about Statistics.

Not everything about statistics, but just the basics, excluding Histograms.

I have given the direct web link for the wall to my Mathematics students. They can use the wall as their own personal 24x7 online "Help Manual" for whenever they are at home doing their maths homework.

Wall Wisher was at times "glitchy" during the build, and lost one of my post-its, but then found it again later on. Meanwhile I had redone the post-it, and so later on I had two post-its one on top of each other in view mode.

The annoying thing was that in edit mode, only one of the Post-its showed up, and so I could not delete the duplication. What I had to end up doing was moving the post-it in edit mode away, (leaving a big empty space in the wall), but in View mode this space suddenly fills up with the "prodigal" post-it...Weirdsville !

The annoying thing about Wall Wisher is that there is no manual "Save" button anywhere, and so often we cannot be sure that WW has saved our Wall ok.

I find and gather the items to link to on the wall by doing "Googling". It takes quite a while to sort through and find a good variety of items, and then decide which ones are best for the wall. Because WW is a bit "glitchy", I always cut and paste all of my links into a separate word document as backup, just in case the wall loses any post-its.

Another temporary glitch during this latest build was that for some of the web page links, when we clicked "view" in Wall Wisher to see the web page, the web page shuddered when we scrolled downwards, and went all blurred and distorted. I do not know if this was Wall Wisher, the graphics card of the computer I was using at work at the time, or a lousy internet connection.

Anyway at home, the wall is functioning perfectly, although the red template seems to be awfully bright when the wall first loads in. However psychologically, red is the color for high activity, and so maybe it will spur on the students to do their homework ?

If you would like to view a PDF document that gives full step by step details on how to use Wall Wisher, then click the link below:

Click here to view a PDF on How to Use Wall Wisher

In spite of the occasional glitches, Wall Wisher is a great tool for making an interactive set of links. The end result is very colorful and aesthetically pleasing indeed. These links contain related items, residing in all types of formats, at many different locations throughout the web.

Wall Wisher is fun and very easy to use, so why not give it a go sometime soon.

Big Passy Wasabi

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