Friday, July 31, 2009

Web Quest Treasure Hunts

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My hero Yoda : the greatest teacher of all.
- After all he was the one who trained the Jedi!

Recently I went treasure hunting on the Internet for some Web Quests for my own young Jedi trainees. I was expecting this to be an easy ten minute job, as I thought the web would be well a wash with a pirate's bounty of worthwhile internet search and find tasks.

Alas me hearties, the quest to find such real treasures proved to be just as elusive as pirate's booty. It seems that many web tasks were written three or four years ago, and sadly a lot of their internal links are no longer working.

Once two or more links are broken, it puts a gaping hole into the whole exercise. The treasure hunt takes a big hit, much like a cannon blast through the side of a pirate's ship!

Internet web quests still in good working order were uncovered here:

At this site there were good quality internet discovery exercises on:
  • Chinese New Year
  • “Black Beard" the Pirate (that's gotta be a must-do!)
  • The Bones Inside Us
  • Earth Moon and Sun

Another site with quests containing interesting items is:
(On some items where the links do not work, just skip those questions).

Other than these sites, not many fully working internet tasks were found.

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Perhaps I had the wrong treasure map, perhaps I should have worn a patch over both eyes, or maybe I was just sailing sideways in the wrong sea, but that's about all I found.

Still, better than running aground in "crocodile country".

Big Passy Wasabi
(The Raw Fish and Seaweed Sushi Dog)

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