Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learn Blues Guitar Online Here

The magnificent Jimi Hendrix, a bit before my time, but undoubtedly one of the best guitarists to ever lay down blues derived music on an electric guitar.

Okay, so this blog post is not directly ICT related; however it does review some excellent learning material that is available on the internet for guitarists.

So if you don’t like Guitar, then perhaps totally skip reading this post.

The sample videos shown here, are all by a guy called “Marty”, who is a great practitioner and teacher of blues guitar. He even looks a bit like he is Billy Joel’s younger brother !

Part of the purpose of making these You Tube videos seems to be to advertise what is available at the “Next Level Guitar” website. (More on that a bit later on).

Here is an 8 minute video that explains how Jimi Hendrix added inversions of common chords to his guitar playing to create a new and distinctive style of guitar songs.

The next video is really good for beginner guitarists, as it shows very clearly blue improvisation methods on the guitar. Marty takes things nice and slow so we can all easily understand what is going on.

The following is an 11 minute video all about how to play BB King style. Marty shows how to mix in major scales to create the classic signature "sweet" sound of the legendary BB King.

There are a few more videos on You Tube by Marty, but as his final one for this post, here is a 10 minute video about Blues Acoustic Guitar that shows some great forms of the A7 chord all the way up past the 12th fret.

The “Next Level Guitar” website is a comprehensive online learning resource for guitarists. It is a bit like a “” of guitar lessons. ( provide a comprehensive range of computer software tutorials for Microsoft, Adobe, and many other applications).

The “Next Level Guitar” website is at:

On the top of page Index tab, we can click on “Free Videos”, and there are around 40 videos that can be viewed. Some of these videos, are merely previews of parts of DVD’s that they have available for sale elsewhere on their website. These DVD’s look to be quite good. Typically they cover just one classic guitar song like Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” or Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”. The DVD then spends two hours showing every single part of the song, and how to play it. These DVD's seem to retail for around $25 US each, which is not a bad price, considering it is going to be at least a full day’s entertainment working through the DVD learning the song.

Note that while viewing the free videos: If we double click on any video while it is playing we get taken to Metacafe, and can see and find even more videos that we can watch about playing guitar that have been made by the folks at “Next Level Guitar”.

You can also become a premium member of their website for less than $30 US per month. This membership obtain access to a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar playing courses. These courses have their videos for viewing online, and include downloadable resources, such as music backing tracks.

I am thinking on perhaps trying out the online membership for a month later on this year. If I do, rest assured I will do a comprehensive blog post review about it.

Hoping your blues is only of the guitar playing kind.

Big BB Passy Wasabi

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  1. Looks like they have some great lessons. Did you join up?