Friday, September 25, 2009

Guitar Chords Online

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One of my favourite chords, the E minor 9th.
Hmm... but what if we wanted to play a B minor 7th ?

What we need is a guitar chord dictionary.

There are many Chord Dictionaries and resources online for Guitar players.

One Chord dictionary is "ChordBook" at:

This site has a virtual guitar to show the chord, and if we click the chord or the "Strum" button,it will play the chord for us. This is good for listening to different chord inversions. The sound quality as well as the colors and graphics are well done and very user friendly.

Chord Book also has the same kind of set up but for
"Guitar Scales" at:

Another good site is "Chordie" at: which has a printable set of standard box shaped chord diagrams in root position.

On the Chordie webpage, we can then click on a chord such as the "A" chord, and it will then show in a new window the variations of this chord all along the fret board.

A third Chord Site which is quite good is"Chord Find" at which has a guitar neck that shows us the chord. We can also play the chord with a midi button that starts up Windows Media Player to download and play the sample.

Click the chord you want and it puts it on the fretboard picture; then clicking “variations” button will show the chord all along the neck in different positions.
We actually see a guitar neck and frets, rather than just a box diagram.

Chord Progressions

Once we know a few chords, we need to learn about how to put them together in groupings that sound good when played one after each other. This is called making a "Chord Progression".

There is some theory about why some sample Chord Progressions work at this page:

Here is a 6 minute video about basic chord progressions from Metacafe :

And now a 4 minute YouTube video about putting together some blues chord progressions:

And finally as featured on a previous post, there is "The Progressionator" that will help us make progressions in different keys, by telling us what chords to use.

There is also the "Progressionator" that can be used online for free, and will supply chord progressions and rythms for the standard patterns listed.

Try it out below:

(Note that you may have to use the scroll bars get it into view).
or you could just click this link:

So pick out some Chords, string them together with a strum or two, and just see exactly what you can do.

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