Monday, September 28, 2009

John Mayer Plays Guitar

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I did not know much of John Mayer until I watched a concert DVD recently.
I thought he was just some guy who had written a couple of radio hits that girls really liked, and that was about it.

But John Mayer is a guitar hero in the real sense of the word.
The breadth and depth of his playing is amazing, and he can play acoustic sets solo, or with his special John Mayer Trio band, or with his own full-on rock band. He is easily triple the musician I thought he was.

Words cannot decribe his virtuosity, you need to see and hear it for yourself,
which is exactly what I suggest you do by watching the videos below.

This is John playing some amazing Acoustic Guitar:

Now for a superb cover of the Jimi Hendix song : "Wait Until Tomorrow"
(I am so glad someone has done a version of this old favorite of mine).

Also definitely get yourself a copy of his superb concert movie DVD
"Where the Light Is" and watch and listen to it.

There is also a double CD available with a four and a half star rating on from 77 very impressive reviews.

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Tracklisting for "Where the Light Is" DVD :

1.Neon (Acoustic Set)
2.Stop This Train (Acoustic Set)
3.In Your Atmosphere (Acoustic Set)
4.Daughters (Acoustic Set)
5.Free Fallin’ (Acoustic Set)
6.Everyday I Have the Blues (Trio Set)
7.Wait Until Tomorrow (Trio Set)
8.Who Did You Think I Was (Trio Set)
9.Come When I Call (Trio Set)
10.Good Love Is On the Way (Trio Set)
11.Out Of My Mind (Trio Set)
12.Vultures (Trio Set)
13.Bold As Love (Trio Set)
14.Waiting On the World to Change (Band Set)
15.Slow Dancing In a Burning Room (Band Set)
16.Why Georgia (Band Set)
17.The Heart of Life (Band Set)
18.I Don’t Need No Doctor (Band Set)
19.Gravity (Band Set)
20.I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) (Band Set)
21.Belief (Band Set)
22.I’m Gonna Find Another You (Band Set)

So may I suggest that you may like to get some Mayer into you.

Big Passy Wasabi

1 comment:

  1. Interesting musician.

    So many of our experiences are based on what we grew up with and personal preferences.

    I can appreciate the skills he has on guitar but am not really drawn into the songs.

    Guess I'll always be a Peter, Paul and Mary groupie!

    Regards, Bill