Saturday, September 19, 2009

Very Powerful Guitar Chords

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AC/DC - Now there's some very nice powerful rock music.

We can get a bit of power into our own guitar by using "Power Chords".
There is plenty of information about these chords on the internet, and here is Passy World's pick of some good material to aid your guitar education.

Power Chords are basically 2 or 3 notes that have been taken from a barre chord, and are played as a group on electric guitar, with distortion or overdrive liberally applied. They are the basis of many rock songs, and musically they are based on 5th intervals.

Here is an 8 minute movie from YouTube about the basics of Power Chords:

Here is a really good explanatory written lesson about Power Chords on a web page:

This same site has a good summary page of Power Chord Diagrams that can be printed out. This printable Power Chords Chart is located at the address:

This lesson about Notes on the neck will help visualise how we move up and down the neck on the E and A strings to form Power Chords:

Here is a rundown on how to create 3 note power chords, from their corresponding Barre chord:

Here is a summary diagram of standard 2 note Fifths Power Chords:

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Here is a diagram that shows the relationship between 2 note and 3 note power chords:

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Here is an interesting written lesson that has some big open string power chords on it :

Here is a 9 minute Power Chords for Blues Guitar video for beginners with Jennifer Gamble from "Next Level Guitar":

Here is another great 8 minute video from "Next Level Guitar" with Marty showing us how to do AC DC style Power Chords:

So get onto your Guitar and start unleashing the Power !

Big Passy Wasabi

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