Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to Get Guitar Tabs

When it comes to finding Guitar tabs on the Internet, the sites we use here at Passy World are these ones:

Both 911 Tabs and Guitare Tab sometimes have links where we can listen to the Song we are getting the Tab for.

However, we did not have much luck getting the Guitare songs to play. The play link seems to go to a site called "Blastro" but then the songs did not come up. Maybe I was unlucky and picked the wrong songs to try out ? And for 911 Tabs, not all of the songs have this "listen to" function.

But Guitare Tab! did have the tablature for the whole Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album, all in one long web page, which was interesting.

In 911 tabs we can search on Band Name, as well as Song Name.
So we can just look for AC/DC songs if we wanted to.

So let's say we are interested in getting the Guitar Tab for
Carlos Santana's version of the song: "Black Magic Woman".

If we search 911Tab on song name, we soon obtain plenty of tabs, in fact we first get groups
of Tabs and have to choose which group to navigate to:

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So we picked the first group of 110 tabs, and then clicked. A
t the next level down we get tabs that are rated, and we usually choose one of the top of list highly rated tabs.

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Note that some of the tabs are "Guitar Pro" or "Power Tab" tabs. These require software to be on your computer to use the tab. "Power Tab" is free and you can find information on how to download and use it at our previous post at: .

Guitar Pro is not free, and costs around $ US 60 to buy and download online.

Since we are only after some basic tabulature here, we will choose one of the higer rated plain guitar tabs, such as the one from "Ultimate Guitar Tabs" and we then get a plain tab like this:

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with Tablature for Solos included as well:

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It is usually worth checking out more than one tab, because sometimes the other tabs supply us some additional information, such as extra chords and guitar riffs to use.

If we just want to have a copy of the words to the song, then the "Lyrics Mode" site at: is great for this:

and a search using song name of "Black Magic Woman" soon gets us what we need:

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And last but not least, it is always great to have a look and listen to somebody else playing the song when learning any new tune on the guitar. And there is no better place for this than :

So 911Tabs: a strange kind of name to be sayin',
but full of great tabs to be playin' :)

Big Passy Wasabi

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