Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moments in Life

The above four minute clip is an amazing reflection on modern life, that I found by reading a friend's blog, and just had to put up here onto Passy World.

The linking of the mini clips is perfect, the flow and the feel of it is just so perfect: a true masterpiece of YouTube cinemaphotography.

It comes from an interesting website at:

Many people believe the old saying "Smile and the World Smiles With You", which is no better encapsulated in the following video on YouTube. Perhaps they are cliches, but "Success Breeds Success", "Make Every Day Count", "Greet the World with Open Arms", "Sieze the Day", and so on and so forth.

Well all I can say is a positive attitude has got to be better for you (and the rest of the world) than a grumpy bum, whinging and whining, self pitying, pessimistic, or paranoid approach to life.

It is all taken to the limit in this "500 Days of Summer" 2 minute clip from YouTube: (But has that classic feel good aura to the whole thing, just the kind of sweet fairy floss thing we love here at "Passy World"):

And one last item, as a contrast to the others. A wonderful ballad, all about some not so happy people and circumsatnces:
"Funeral for a Friend - History" :

So that's our reflective post done for this month, and here is a new cliche to add to the collection:

"Live each Day: Don't Waste Away".

Big Passy Wasabi

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