Thursday, October 1, 2009

Orianthi Female Guitar Great

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Well I must live like an ostrich with my head deep in the sand not seeing anything that is going on around me. Perhaps if I had tuned into all the Michael Jackson media coverage (Instead of staying in my room playing guitar), I would have known about "Orianthi".

As a slightly disgruntled reader of the blog recently told me:
Ignoring a local Australian guitar prodigy in favour of a John Mayer post was chauvinist and downright un-Australian.

So to redress this inbalance, here is a post all about "Orianthi".

If you missed all the Michael Jackson stuff, then perhaps best to first watch this Australian TV interview with Orianthi.

Orianthi Panagaris, the 24 year old blonde guitarist who featured in the final video of Michael Jackson rehearsing before his death is an Adelaide girl from Australia. (A distant 1200km from where Passy lives).

Here is some information from the web about her :

"This 24-year-old Australian guitar goddess first captured American audiences' attention at this year's Grammy Awards, when she blazingly accompanied (some might even say upstaged) Grammy performer Carrie Underwood, and she has also been quite vocally championed by six-string legends Steve Vai and Carlos Santana. ("If I was going to pass the baton to somebody, she would be my first choice," Carlos once said of Orianthi.) It was in fact Orianthi's buzzy Grammy performance that made the King Of Pop (MJ) himself take notice, and he quickly hired her to be his guitarist for the This Is It concerts. In fact, she was actually supposed to be Michael Jackson's official spokesperson during his much-hyped London residency."

If you would like a free Guitar Lesson from the highly talented "Ori", then today is your lucky day, (as per the video below) :

Watch the video a couple of times, to learn this nice little descending run.

Here are a few more videos show-casing this fine young lady's skills on the guitar:

There are plenty more videos on YouTube if you want to check them out.

There is also an online Fan Club at: .

There is also her MySpace page at: .

She also has a new album called "Believe" coming out soon that will be well worth a listen, and is going straight onto my October JB Hi-Fi purchases list.

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Big Passy Wasabi


  1. Orianthi is the best thing to arrive in music in the last 20 years!

  2. what can i say a bombshell with a talent for fire blazing a guitar. freakin hot!

  3. orianthi ! you are the best ! i love your music
    i live in paraguay !

  4. She is absolutely amazing! What a compliment to a female guitarist! Rock on Girl! I am YOUR FAN!