Thursday, November 26, 2009

Friday Funnies with Charlie

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Some people will find the video below really funny, others might find it really annoying. Go ahead and be adventurous, push the play button, and give it a go.

If you liked "Charlie the Unicorn 1", then you will definitely like Part 2 below, (along with the almost 20 million other people who have also viewed it).

Okay, I know you are craving it, so here is Part 3 of Charlie's Adventures:

There are also a few other Charlie clips out there on You Tube that are well worth checking out some time.

I really like Charlie, he is a bit older, a bit cynical, slightly jaded, and very world-wise.

His two "friends" take him on an adventure, and his gut feeling is that he should not be following along with them. However, he is a fearless alpha male, and cannot pass up on the opportunity to see all things new and interesting.

In the end, he should have perhaps listened to the little doubting voice inside himself, as he finds he has been conned by the others, and it has cost him a kidney!

So the dilemma of it all is: What should we do?

Stay in front of the TV, or seek out adventure, (with the risk of losing a kidney).

I guess in the end we just have to be guided by our feelings and do what feels right at the time......and later on simply have no regrets.

The other thing about the "Charlie the Unicorn" series of animations is that the actual animation techniques are fairly standard, and are not a major Disney-Pixar production.

This demonstrates a really vital concept for multimedia: it is far more important to have a fresh new idea, and an interesting story to tell, than all the world's best production techniques and movie making software.

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