Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giftie Giftie Gifts Lists

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"Giftie Giftie" at is an Online Gift List Organiser.

Instead of guessing what friends and family want for the birthdays, weddings, and Christmas, we can share "wish lists" online and see what they really want. It's private by invite only, and best of all, its free.

The sign up process is the usual thing: Supply an email address, User ID, and Password, and from there the main steps are as follows.

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When we type in and add an item, Giftie uses Amazon to find weblinks to the item for our invited friends and family to be able to buy it for us online if they want to.

For example, I entered in a Boss Chorus Pedal for guitar onto my list:

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and when I clicked the "Add this Gift" button, set up web links to various types of Boss Chorus pedals: (if I click the actual "boss chorus pedal" link, I can see about twenty different items).

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(I don't have a Chorus pedal because the Native Instruments emulator on my PC has Chorus, and my Marshall Guitar amp also has inbuilt chorus, but a Boss pedal would be nice to have as well).

Amongst the items we add onto our list, we can flag certain items as "Most Wanted". A Chevrolet Corvette is my most wanted item..... because we can dream to the max on Giftie !

The second step after creating a wish list is Create or Join a Group if we are planning to have our whole family put up Christmas Wish Lists together:

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The third step is to view other people's lists and to "reserve" an item on their list if you are planning to buy it for them. Once an item is reserved, its gift tag turns red so that other people know that the item is already taken care of by somebody else. But the recipient does not know that the item has been reserved.

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The nice thing here is that we can reserve an item without being required to purchase it online through any of the links that Giftie has provided. So the service is really free with no strings attached.

Giftie also provides some interesting stats on what the most popular gifts on its lists are:

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In these stats, we can pick a category and then "drill down" to what interests us.

For example we can find out what are the most popular video games for the Nintendo Wii :

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So for this Christmas, why not give "Giftie Giftie" a go: it's free, and it's fun.

And it just goes to show there is a free web application for nearly everything !

Big Passy Wasabi

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  1. has been doing this for years - and it's based in Australia.