Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moore or Less of Demi

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Normally we don't follow celebrity gossip, but somehow news of the "Demi Moore Photoshopping Controversy" has made it's way to Passy World, and we have felt compelled to make a response.

The above pictures show the storm in a teacup controversy over whether or not Demi Moore's hip has been reduced in size using Photoshop.

The MSN news report about this world-changing event went something like this:

"In the image the 47-year-old actress's hip appears to have been cut several centimetres skinnier than it should be above the cut of her sarong.
Some bloggers are calling it the "worst Photoshop ever", and even the Chaser's Chas Liccardello has weighed in with a comment on his Twitter yesterday. "Either Demi Moore's been photoshopped or she needs hip replacement surgery," he wrote."

You can read the entire MSN story here:

Demi Moore was quick to totally deny these claims on Twitter:

"Demi Moore has angrily hit back at claims that a chunk of her hip was airbrushed out of a photograph used on the cover of an American magazine.
The 47-year-old actress, who appears on the front of this month's W Magazine, has posted what she claims is the original picture on Twitter.
In accompanying posts, she tells people not to believe the reports...."

Here is the full web article all about Demi's rebuke:

Here at Passy World we certainly think there is something strange looking about the hip shape :

The hip looks flexed in, but the garment does not appear tight enough to be pulling it into this shape.

However, if Demi says it's her true hip, then we are happy to go with that.

Personally, I do not like the whole way Demi Moore has been over photoshopped by W magazine. I much prefer a more natural looking Demi like in these photographs:

Sorry Picture Not Found

In reality, the whole over photoshopped media driven world is just another case of everything going full cycle:
  • In the beginning we had painted likenesses of beautiful women, sourced from still life models.

  • Then photography was born, and we were inundated with endless photos of beautiful women flooding our TV screens, newspapers, and magazines.

  • And now we have photoshopped likenesses of beautiful women, which are really just digital paintings, sourced from photographs of still life models.

It's such a beautiful beautiful photoshopped world,

Big Passy Wasabi

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