Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Christmas Season Funnies

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Even Santa is hunched over splitting his sides laughing at these ones !

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Here at Passy World, our favourite Christmas movie of all time is National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation", and who could ever forget this classic scene of the snow saucer sled:

And what would be Christmas without a good hearty carol or two, like this little gem from You Tube:

Okay, here's a few Christmas riddles for you:

How do you know Santa has to be a man?
- No woman is going to wear the same outfit year after year.

Who is Santa's most famous elf?
- Elf-vis

Where does Santa go to learn how to slide down chimneys?
- The chimnasium

Why was Santa's little helper depressed?
- Because he had low elf-esteem!

What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus?
- Crisp Kringle

What do elves learn at elf school?
- The elf-abet

What is Rudolph's favourite day of the year?
- Red Nose Day.

How many presents can Santa fit into an empty sack?
- Only one, after that it's no longer empty any more.

Alright, here's a classic Christmas cartoon of
Easter Bunny versus the Snowman:

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Finally, let's finish off with a couple more classic videos from You Tube:

So Happy Friday the 18th, only one more week of sleeps to go.

Be extra good boys and girls, and do our survey, because Santa is watching !!

Big Passy Wasabi

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