Saturday, January 16, 2010

Summer Photos of St Kilda

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The above is a photoshopped image of "Luna Park" which is a famous landmark in the city of Melbourne Australia where Big Passy resides. I have been out and about with a good friend, using my new Panasonic Lumix ZS3 camera, to none other than St Kilda, which is the famous suburb of Melbourne where Luna Park is located.

I have also been using Adobe Photoshop "Filter Gallery" to reprocess some of the Photos into abstract art works. Using Filters in Photoshop is very easy and lots of fun using the presets that are provided. If you can afford the price, Photoshop is a great product for working on photos.

The folowing Wondershare Slideshow contains 36 photos taken around St Kilda today. When you get through the whole show, the last picture should be of two women walking down the famous Acland Street. The first picture should have been of a very abstract painting of the beach and buildings. If you missed any pictures then click on the arrow when the slideshow ends.

Note that we can click on the bottom of the slideshow on the "Manual Play" option at any time. We can then advance through the photos one by one at our own pace. This allows us to stop for longer on the photos that we really like, and quickly bypass the ones that we are not interested in.

(Push the Play button arrow below if the slideshow is not already running).

If you would like to see the above slideshow full size, then click on this link:

Here is some information about the fabulous suburb of St Kilda from Wikipedia:

"St Kilda has many distinctive local landmarks, most centred around the St Kilda Esplanade and foreshore area, several featuring domes of a Moorish architecture theme established at the turn of the century. Perhaps the best known is Luna Park an early 20th century amusement park with its famous "Moonface" entry and its historic scenic railway roller coaster.

The St Kilda Pier is another local landmark and major tourist attraction. The pier is terminated by the St Kilda Pavilion, an eccentric Edwardian building in the mould of English pier pavilions which is considered of high cultural importance to Melburnians. It was recently reconstructed and listed on the Victorian Heritage Register after burning down. The pier has a long breakwater which shelters St Kilda Harbour and hosts a Fairy Penguin colony The pier is also the starting point for a ferry which runs between St Kilda and Williamstown.

St Kilda Beach is a beach with gentle bay waves popular with swimmers and sunbathers during the summer months. It is often criticized by locals and visitors alike for its pollution, but significant recent efforts have been made by government organisations to keep it clean.

The St Kilda Sea Baths, also called South Pacific, a Moorish themed building was built in the late 1920s, and demolished in the 1990s. It was rebuilt in a Moorish style, continuing a history of sea baths in St Kilda dating back to the 1850s.

Acland Street is a shopping and restaurant precinct famous for its cake shops and cafes. It also features a number of public artworks."

If you are ever in Melbourne during the summertime, a visit to St Kilda with lunch at any of the fine cafes in Acland Street is a must.

If you would like to get your own copy of "Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe" (for just under $50 US) then click the following link:


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