Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Funny Ventriloquists

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It's amazing what funny stuff can be found, simply by spending a few minutes on So that's what we did for this week's Friday Funny.

We ended up finding a whole bunch of interesting Ventriloquist
comedy clips.

Now the guys and girls that do this kind of comedy not only have to be great at developing material, but they have to do it for more than one character. Then they have to deliver it in a realistic scenario, as only a skillful ventriloquist can.

At Passy World we have chosen what we consider to be a leading sample of the best Ventriloquists on the Net.

First up we have Jeff Dunham. He is a highly skilled Canadian ventriloquist who has several characters that he works with. Some of his material is a little risky, but also really funny.

Here is a short skit about cell phones and other things with Jeff's cheeky monkey character named "Peanut":

And in the following clip we again have Jeff Dunham. However this time he is iwth his southern redneck character "Bubba J":

Finally in our abridged Jeff Dunham series, his character of "Walter" the grumpy old dude:

Jeff has a number of other great characters, so check them out on YouTube some time.

Next up we have Legoland California's resident ventriloquist Kevin Johnson. In this clip he kicks off "Ventriloquist Week" on The Late show with David Letterman:

Nina Conti and her Monkey are also a brilliant combination. Her lips never move at all, and you can't see her neck pulsating either. Yet the monkey speaks brilliantly and naturally, as in this example:

Okay this last video isn't of a ventriloquist. However, it's a bit of an old favorite here at Passy World, and so we just had to include it:

That's it for another working week, hope yours was a good one, and let's now throw over to the weekend.

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