Saturday, March 6, 2010

Online Virtual Makeover

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Let's get one thing straight before we begin. Big Passy is not confused about his sexuality, and did not play with his sisters' dolls as a child !

However, recently some multimedia students showed me this excellent free online "Virtual Makeover" program
that is on the "" website.

Teenage girls can either upload their own photo, or pick a teenage model from the site, and do a complete makeover: hair, makeup, lips, skin, eyes, basically everything.

Here at Passy World we were so impressed by the technology
, that we thought it certainly worthy of review. (We are also big on diversity, and so why not include some female orientated content onto our site anyway).

If makeovers is not your scene, browser button click away now !

The online "Virtual Makeover" app can be found at this web address:

We first need to choose a female model to work with:

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We then work our way through doing her Hairstyle:

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Next we can change the hair color. However the changes here only seem to slightly alter the tint of the hair, and do not make wholesale changes from Brunette to Blonde for example. So we added some faint orange highlights to produce the following look:

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Next we move on to doing the Skin, and here we have to do Foundation, Tan, and Blush. This is where Big Passy got way out of his depth, (eg. totally clueless). But stubbornly refusing to enlist any female help, we clicked away, and this is what we ended up with:

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At any time during the makeover we can click on the bottom of screen "Before/After" button, and check how things are going like this:

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Next we have the eyes and eyebrows to do (again something Big Passy knows very little about). But we can click buttons, and we've done a bit of photo-shopping in our time, and so here is what we came up with for the eyes:

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Doing the lips is very simple. All we do is adjust the slider to make more smile, or less smile. Then click on the color tab, and change the lipstick color.

So we did this, and then we played around with the "Edit Face Shape and Size" button. This was our resulting final look:

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Virtual makeovers is something a bit different, and here at Passy World we are very impressed with this application. It does everything so realistically, right down to even changing the length of the eyelashes.

Here are the final Before and After Images:

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As we progressed through the makeover, it also told us exactly what brand and item name we were using, such as: "Chanel Gossimer in Rose Sand" lipstick. So I guess the idea is that the girls who use their own photo can then go and buy all the products that they need to get the same makeover done in the real world.

We are left to wonder about what clever marketing and advertising deals have been done in relation to this branding aspect of the application.

There is also an option to save the makeover onto the seventeen website, but only if you have joined up as a member of the site. (Which we believe is free, and only requires giving an email address).

So that's enough of Big Passy getting in touch with his feminine side.
Time to go and play some heavy metal guitar and get the testosterone levels back up to where they should be !

Big Passy Wasabi

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