Friday, April 23, 2010

Animated Friday Funny

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We are finishing off the week here at Passy World by becoming extremely animated. Not so much by jiggling around and being filled with excitement, but more in terms of sharing some very interesting animations that we discovered on You Tube recently.

Here are a couple of very clever animated videos from the same guy, who is a Mathematics lecturer in the USA.

Now and then he plays these practical jokes on his class, and the filmed results end up on YouTube.

First up we have a trick video he made for Halloween:

This next trick video was for April Fool's Day and has some very clever shadow animating in it:

Brian Reagan Animations

This guy does great basic cartoon animated stand up comedy type routines.
He is a definite favorite here at Passy World.

Here is one about the terror of Spelling Bees.

Here is another excellent Brian Reagan clip about the trauma of going through Educational processes:

And another classic Brian Regan clip all about the trauma of kid's Party Games:

Epic Fail

Epic Fails are a very popular search item on the web at the moment. Another type of animation we love here at Passy World are Lego stop frames. Here is a short Lego stop frame animation about someone having a bit of a failure kind of day:

Hope your week was free of any epic fails, and let's all start getting a bit over-animated in readiness for another great weekend!

Big Passy Wasabi

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