Monday, April 19, 2010

Frankston Sand Sculptures 2010

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This update takes a red hot look at the History of the World, as seen through the beauty of Sand Sculptures.

Each summer they have a Sand Sculptures Exhibit next to the beach at Frankston, which is a coastal town about an hour out of Melbourne.

This year's exhibit is about "Great Moments in the History of the World", as per this sign at the start of the exhibit.

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The sand used is a square uniform size grained brickies sand, and is not clay. It is heavier than beach sand which has rounded uneven grains and does not stick together nearly as well as the Brickie's sand. You can even get your hands dirty at the exhibit and have a professional sculptor show you how to create your first artistic piece of sand castle magic.

Twenty one sculptors from around the world were involved with this year's

sculpting, and it took them three weeks to complete the exhibit. It contains over 3000 tonnes of sand, and so the site had to be specially engineered for the creek banks behind the exhibit to support such a heavy mass.

The following Wondershare Slideshow contains 40 photos taken at the Sand Sculptures Exhibit at Frankston.

When you get through the whole show, the last picture should be of the US President Barach Obahma. If you missed any pictures then click on the arrow when the slideshow ends.

Note that we can click on the bottom of the slideshow on the "Manual Play" option at any time. We can then advance through the photos one by one at our own pace. This allows us to stop for longer on the photos that we really like, and quickly bypass the ones that we are not interested in.

(Push the Play button arrow below if the slideshow is not already running).

If you would like to see the above slideshow full size, then click on this link:

We were fortunate enough to be able to interview one of the actual sculptors, who was running some free classes on the basics of sculpting. Her name is Natasha, and she is Russian but lives locally in Frankston. She travels around the world doing sculpting, and is going to be in Germany for a big exhibit later this year.

The interview is in two parts. Since she could tell I was a complete novice, (and it was getting close to morning tea break), our project was a simple one involving making a couple of donuts.

Here is the first part of the interview with Natasha:

(It may take a minute or two to load in and start playing. Mouse on and off the clip to get video and volume controls available).

And here is the continuation of the above interview with Natasha:

(It may take a minute or two to load in and start playing. Mouse on and off the clip to get video and volume controls available).

Here is a picture of the nearly finished donuts, (before we added the icing and cinnamon sugar :)

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This is the United Kingdom (England) sculpture that Natasha made for the exhibit.

The detail in the wall mural is amazing, and the Double-Decker Bus, Big Ben, and Lion are fantastic also.

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The second sculpture which Natasha worked on for the exhibit is the following Modern Day Inventions piece. (Both sculptures took around 10 long days each to complete).

It shows the Singer sewing machine, through to the electric guitar, and handheld computing devices.

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So that's it for sand sculpting for this year, and we will definitely cover future exhibits at Frankston on the Passy World website.

If there is any sculpting on in your part of the world, be sure to get along and visit because it is amazing what the artists can produce from one of our most basic earthly materials.

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  1. When does the sand display end & where in Frankston is it thankyou.

  2. The display ended in April. It usually runs over the summer months and is at the waterfront area of Frankston, not far from the Pier and Yacht Club.