Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lang Lang Ute Show 2010

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This week over the Easter Break, Passy's World visited the Lang Lang Rodeo. ("Lang Lang" is a country town about an hour inland from on the coast where Big Passy lives). There will be an upcoming post all about the Rodeo competition in the next few days.

Today's post is all about the Lang Lang Ute Show that was part of the Easter Monday Rodeo activities.

The following Wondershare Slideshow contains 40 photos taken at the Lang Lang Ute Show.

When you get through the whole show, the last picture should be of a group of people standing around under a big blue sky which is facing into the sun. If you missed any pictures then click on the arrow when the slideshow ends.

Note that we can click on the bottom of the slideshow on the "Manual Play" option at any time. We can then advance through the photos one by one at our own pace. This allows us to stop for longer on the photos that we really like, and quickly bypass the ones that we are not interested in.

(Push the Play button arrow below if the slideshow is not already running).

If you would like to see the above slideshow full size, then click on this link: http://www.passyworld.com/passyHTMLs/LLutesPhotos.html

The "Ute Show" had Prizes on Offer to entrants as follows:
  • Best Chick’s Ute (Proof Required), Best Rural Ute,
  • Best BnS Ute Pre ’89, Best BnS Ute Post ’89 – ‘99
  • Best BnS Post ’99, Best 4X4 Ute, Best Holden Ute
  • Best Ford Ute, Best Feral Ute, Best Town Ute
  • Best Work/Trade Ute

The Prize Winners

We went to the presentations, but we did not know the owners or the numbers of their vehicles, and so we are not sure who officially won which category.

So here at Passy World we have come up with our own winners.

First place in the chick utes has to be the Playboy Ute:

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The attention to detail and the amount of Playboy paraphenalia packed into this boudoir on wheels was absolutely phoneomenal. Possibly even the best turned out ute of the day.

Passy's World award for best sense of humor friendliest country guy with his Bundy ute goes to this bloke, who told us quite a few interesting stories about the legend of the Bundy Polar Bear. (For overseas visitors, Bundy is a famous Australian rum, and the logo features a Polar Bear. Very nice mixed with ice cold coca cola).

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Actually there were plenty of Bundy drinking "salt of the earth" friendly people at the ute show who were more than willing to tell us a few tales or two.

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We took along an Irish friend of ours for a bit of cultural indoctrination, and he was definitely feeling like a local by the end of it all:

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The judges were also really good guys. When they were checking the utes, they would talk to the owner about what modifications had been made. They also had plenty of good advice to owners about being careful about things like voltage drops when mounting batteries up the rear of the vehicle. (You really need some beefed up battery power to run those big spotlights on top of those utes).

Which brings us to Passy World's award for best modifications and smartest looking motor. This one goes to this proud General Motors donk:

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So country Ute Shows are a great friendly Australian event to get along to. So if there is ever a show on near you, then put some serious rubber to the road and get yourself onto it !

Big Passsy Wasabi


  1. wow passy's world! u have done a wonderful job at summerising our uteshow! we really do appreciate it! i was having a bit of a downer day until i read this! now im really happy! i am glad you enjoyed urself and i crossed paths with ur irish friend a few times and he was absolutely lovely! did u get our sticker? if not please feel free to email me ur address and i will post a couple out! we have plenty left over! thank you once again!
    jess and the ute show comittee!

  2. Thanks for the wicked write up about my ute, the playboy one . and great pics.