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Big Passy only discovered this band recently when he saw the following song on a big screen through a big sound system in a Night Club.

The song that was played was this one: "Resistance". This soundscape has a real Depeche Mode meets U2 feel, and also reminds us of the musical style of English band: "Keane".

Here is the official music video of "Resistance" by MUSE

If you want to see some really high tech lighting and sound remixing of "Resistance" then check out this clip. It is a bit slow to get started, but once we get past the 2 minute mark it starts to pick up dramatically.

What I like about this remix is that they have modified the pre chorus interlude, which has a very disjointed sound wise in the original official video. This is in my mind the perfect remix. It has everything we would expect there to be, with some quite brilliant percussion and keyboard overdubs.

These guys are very talented musicians who can play brilliantly live as in this song "New Born" which showcases there instrumental virtuosity:
New Born if from Muse's album Origin of Symmetry".

Muse are the following three guys:

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Matthew James Bellamy D.O.B June 9th, 1978 Vocals, Guitar, Piano.

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Dominic James Howard D.O.B: July 12th, 1977 Drums, Percussion.

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Christopher Tony Wolstenholme D.O.B: Dec 2 1978 Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Here is a clip of a great tune called "Uprising":

Clip of "Undisclosed Desires"

This song has a nice sparse arrangement, and the hammering slappy bass is definitely a feature. It sounds really good played extra loud.

OKay here is "Supermassive Black Hole" which has had an amazing 21 million views on YouTube !

It's kind of grunge rock meets Prince meets dance club music. A nice job. but would have liked some of the lead
guitar breaks to be much harder and edgy.. like some really high screaming bends thrown in here and there, and the whole mix made a bit sharper and metallic around the edges. Otherwise a very nice job.

This song has Muse getting back to their Grunge Roots. Love the Bass Guitar work and drums in this song, perfect driving and rythms, complimented by brilliant guitar work.

Here is a song called "Invincible" with a great innovative filmclip :

A song called "Starlight" which is the second single from the hit album 'Black Holes and Revelations'. This clip is of them playing it live at "Abbey Road" (The world's most famous recording studio).

Here is another Live song called "Sing for Absolution"

There is a great website with everything you could possibly ever want to know about this English Band here:

This site has band history as well as concert and album reviews. Check it out, it is great.

Finally, here is a discography of MUSE albums. We have several of these here at Passy World.

(Information obtained from From Wikipedia. Albums obtained cheap from JB Hi Fi.)

The discography of Muse, an English alternative rock band, consists of five studio albums, one live album, one compilation album, three extended plays (EPs), three demos and twenty-three singles.

The band released their debut album, Showbiz, in 1999. The album managed to break into the top 30 in the UK and Australia and went on to be certified gold in both countries. Five singles were released from Showbiz, with "Unintended" peaking the highest at Number 20.

Muse's second album was Origin of Symmetry, released in 2001. Much more successful than its predecessor, the album reached Number 3 in the UK, where it was certified platinum. "Plug In Baby", the first single, reached Number 11 in the UK and was almost equalled by the band's next single, "New Born", which peaked a position lower. A year later Muse released their first compilation album, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, which comprised one disc of B-sides and another of live performances recorded at Le ZĂ©nith in October 2001. It peaked at Number 10 in the UK. In 2003 the band released Absolution, which became their first Number 1 album when it topped the UK Albums Chart. The follow-up to Absolution was the band's most successful album so far; Black Holes & Revelations reached Number 1 in four countries and became their first album to break into the top 100 of the Billboard 200, where it peaked at Number 9. "Supermassive Black Hole" was the first single and it became the band's highest-charting single to date when it reached Number 4.

In 2008 the band released their first fully live (Hullabaloo Soundtrack contained one disc of live material) album; CD/DVD set HAARP documents the band's two famous performances at Wembley Stadium on 16 and 17 June 2007. The album reached Number 2 in the UK and New Zealand and was certified silver by the BPI. The band began recording material for their fifth studio album in 2009; The Resistance was released on 14 September. The first single from the fifth album, "Uprising", was released a week before the album, on 7 September.

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  1. I like how you liken Muse to U2/Keane/Depeche Mode, because I have been looking for bands and acts that they must have taken their influence from. I think Muse is a great band, and you should watch them live more than once. It will still be very difficult to pin down their influence, but you are guaranteed of a great time!