Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Funny for Zombies

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Recently some friends of ours went on a "Zombie Shuffle" through the city of Melbourne with around 7,000 other people.

This gave us some good ideas for zombifying our Friday Funny,and so before someone steals your brains, or you drop dead of boredom, we better get on with this.

Well first and foremost we need to get everyone up to speed on what Zombies are, why they are dangerous, and what sorts of educational information is useful in this area. YouTube to the rescue, with this wonderfully educational short film:

Now here is something you don't see everyday: a "Creepy Puppets Production" of some zombie jokes.

There is actually a whole series of these CPP videos on YouTube, but today we are just featuring the one dead offering.

At Passy World we also love inspirational posters, and this one would have to be King of the Zombies:

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And now for a quick word from our sponsors:

Ivan Rockstar is a cool dude on YouTube who has some great guitar "How To" videos that we should really feature sometime here on Passy World, but today we are looking at a zombie street talk interview series he has done.

Zombie Jokes

Q. How do you know a zombie is tired?
A. He's dead on his feet.

Q. What do little zombies play?
A. Corpses and Robbers.

Q. What did the zombie get a medal for?
A. Deadication.

Q. What's a zombie say when he gets a letter from his girlfriend?
A. It's a dead-letter day.

Q. Where do zombies go for cruises?
A. The Deaditerranean Sea.

Q. What did the zombie's friend say when he introduced him to his girlfriend?
A. Good grief! Where did you dig her up from?

Q. What do you call a zombie in a belfry?
A. A dead ringer.

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Here at Passy World, there's nothing we love better than good Lego animation, and here is a great one all about the Zombie Invasion of Lego City.

"After an accident in a disease research lab an infection is released into Lego City. Could this be the zombie apocalypse?"

More Zombie Jokes

Q. What does a zombie like to wear?
A. A Braincoat

Q. What's a zombie's favourite film?
- Brainspotting
- Singin' in the Brain
- Eternal Sunshine of the Headshotless Mind
- Some Like It Headshot

Q: What do you call a zombie in a tuxedo?
A: Black, White, and Dead all over.

Q: Why did they find a disembodied head inside of a piano?
A: A zombie forgot he left it there while trying to play by ear.

Q. What has a Dogs Head, a Cats tail, and brains all over its face?
A. A Zombie coming out of the pet store.

Q. What kind of streets do zombies like the best?
A. Dead ends...

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Here is a lovely little Zombie cartoon we found on the web:

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Now you know how it is when you are at the Video Library, and you just can't find that special movie to watch.

Well maybe "Zombie Land" could be the one.

(Up to almost 5 million views on YouTube for this great little trailer so far).

So I guess that's about it. I'm feeling like a Zombie here at the end of another long week, and so I guess I'll just shuffle my way into another relaxing weekend.

Big Passy Wasabi

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