Monday, May 3, 2010

Online Testing with That Quiz

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"That Quiz" is a great online testing application located at:

There are plenty of Mathematics, English, Science, and Geography quizes that anyone can pick to do online for free.

Here is a typical Mathematics Quiz Question:

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Note that on the left hand side, we can set the difficulty for the questions (50 is the hardest), and we can also chose which type of questions we want to do.

As you do each question in the quiz you have chosen, a timer clock runs, and it updates the number of right and wrong answers as you go. It does not immediately supply the correct answer for wrong ones. It does however give us the answers at the end of the quiz. We also get a chance to redo the wrong questions after we have completed the quiz.

Here is a typical end of quiz results screen:

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There are also interesting science quizes like this one, where we move the names of the bones on the human body to their correct positions on the skeleton:

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Teachers Using That Quiz

Teachers can join up for free and create class groups, as well as quizes for each of these groups to do.

The teacher can select from a data bank of questons that are rated levels 1 to 3 in difficulty, and can also decide the total number of questions in the quiz.

The system allocates a unique code for each test that the teacher creates on the system.

Students then go to "That Quiz" website, and can enter this test code, scroll down to pick their name off the class list, and then do the test. The results for each student are then stored on the system.

Their teacher can then view the class, pick out a student, and view their test results. We can even drill down
to individual question levels for each student.

That's pretty much it for "That Quiz". It is handy for students to test their general knowledge, and even more useful to Teachers who can set online quizes for their classes to do, with subsequent full analysis of each individual's results.

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  1. That's quite a test and will go a long way in taking these kinds of tests.