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Runescape Friday Funny

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This week we are looking at the great online adventure game "Runescape", which my son used to play a lot, before he started becoming a teenager.

Apart from the actual online adventure game, there are endless spinoffs

in the form of "Machinima" animations and "RSMV" (Runescape Music Videos).

It is these two genres of entertainment on You Tube that we will be looking at today. Runescape players capture game play using Hypercam or Camtasia and then put the footage into movie maker software and overdub, add effects, and thereby make their own spin off movies.

Okay then, this week's FF may not be outrageously funny, but it will certainly be educational.

Here is a typical Runescape Animation to get us started:

Now for most people that was probably way out there. Bob is the avatar of Runescape player "Bob IRL" who is the Monkey character operating the computer, and "plox" means "please".... so are we starting to get any of it yet ???

All right, this next clip should help unravel more of the story.

In fact it will tell us the full story of how Runescape was created in the first place.

And here is a video all about the begginnings of the legendary Runescape player "Bob IRL":

Now there are many "Bob IRL" videos on You Tube, as well as many "Teh Noob Show" Runescape play sequences, but this next clip is definitely one of our favorites here at Passy World:

If you really liked these clips then go to the Noob Show's You Tube channel at:

and to their facebook page at:

You Know You are a Runescape Noob when:
  • Chickens are red to you.
  • A guy offers you full steel for free and you say "no thanks I have full bronze its better".
  • You know Lumbridge castle like the back of your hand.
  • Chickens are a challenge for you.
  • Men lvl 9 is WAY out of your reach.
  • You have only cooked 1 out of 4578 raw chickens, the rest are burnt.
  • You keep burnt meet and try to sell it.
  • You can't even mine tin and copper.
  • You have your own respawn spot for were you die.
  • You brag to your friends about buying a rusty iron dagger and a medium bronze helmet.
  • The farthest from Lumbridge you've been is still in Lumbridge.


Let's now look at some RSMV music film clips.

First up, here is a great Linkin Park song:

There are lots of these RSMV clips to be found on You Tube, just search on "RSMV", and don't plan going anywhere for at least a couple of hours!

Here is a great RSMV clip of one of our very favorite Foo Fighters songs:

And the really cool thing about RSMV is that we can discover all kinds of new songs we've never heard before like this one:

It has been really hard to choose from all the great RSMV clips on the Tube, but we figure we just have to include this great one of the Korn song "Word Up":

You Know you Play Runescape too much when:
  • Packages are sent to you in your Runescape name.
  • You rename your street Varrock.
  • You smith noobs full rune armor just to see them cry when they can't wear it.
  • They made a village named after you.
  • You go to a corner store and try to sell a bronze square shield saying its worth 23 gp.
  • You walk around saying "Selling my lunch Shout 123 to buy".

And saving the very best for last, here is an absolute classic:

Runescape meets Machinima meets Chicken Jokes:

Hope this post wasn't too foul of an experience for our dedicated fans.

If Runescape is not your cup of tea, then you may not have laughed a whole lot, or you may have even lost the plot.

But let's hope it's all okay, and you get yourself a weekend with the lot!

Big Passy Wasabi

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