Friday, June 4, 2010

Wrestling with a Friday Funny

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Right then. This week we're putting everyone into a headlock and making them look at a whole bunch of interesting wrestling trivia that we found on the Internet.

Now some people take this sport a bit more seriously than we do here at Passy World, but let me just say that we do appreciate and respect the strength, agility, and showmanship of the professional wrestlers.

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But we have to admit that those tight lycra costumes the guys wear are a bit out there. Perhaps this YouTube clip might help clarify how all this comes about.

You Know You Watch WAY TOO MUCH Wrestling When.......

  • On your resume you write "I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be".
  • You call a beer by your name Instead of hugging relatives you give them bear hugs & mandible claws.
  • You begin to shake someone's hand in public, but then hesistate to look for the crowd's response.
  • You tell your significant other, "Not tonight, I'm watching RAW".
  • Every time you sit down a table you consider how easily it might break if you were to moonsault it.
  • You get in fights with people who say wrestling is fake.
  • After you beat someone up, you spray paint their back.
  • You clothesline people in the supermarket for no real reason.
  • You elbow smash your dog & turn him/her over for the three count.
  • You do heel turns on your best friends for no reason.
  • You don't understand why there are wars when a steel-cage/grudge match would settle everything.
  • Instead of reading a bedtime story to your kids, you put them in a sleeper.
  • Instead of punishing your kids by grounding them, you threaten them with stunners, choke slams & tombstones
  • When your king-size bed has ropes and turnbuckles surrounding it.
  • You get fired from work then show up the next day wearing a mask.
  • Your boss fires you and you come back to work and challenge him to a no-holds barred steel-cage wrestling match.

There are thousands of clips on the net about wrestling, but this one containing a few interesting highlights managed to catch our attention here at Passy World.

Now this next clip is kind of funny, but you have to watch it right until the very end.

Then you will see the final funny outcome.... well maybe not that funny for everyone in the clip?

Japan is a wonderful country, (after all that's where Wasabi comes from)!

It is also the home of "real" wrestling.

Just check out these mighty big Sumo boys.

Here is another great ad featuring some big Japanese wrestling lads.

Of course Sumo wrestlers aren't just mighty sushi eating machines. They are in fact highly versatile all-round athletes as per the following pictures.

Check out this superb winter Olympian ski jumper:

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or what about this Kentucky Derby horse racing legend:

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And this Sumo in heavy training for the next Tour de France:

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and here is a well known Japanese joke commonly referred to by Westerners as: "A Sumo Jump"

Three men, an Scot, and an English man and a sumo wrestler were going to commit suicide by jumping of the top of a building.

The Scot jumped off and shouted ''God save Scotland !'' The English man jumped off and shouted
''God Save England!'' The Sumo wrestler jumped off and shouted ''God save the person I land on!''

And let's not leave the ladies out of this. You know "Jelly Wrestling" sure looks like a whole lot of fun.

Who would have ever guessed that kids' party food could help a bunch of adults to have so much fun!

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Take away the Jelly from the equation, substitute a competitive element instead, and things look a bit less fun, and a heck of a lot more serious:

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Well I think we have certainly covered enough of the Wrestling spectrum for this post.

So now I'm off to wrestle with the idea of how much it would cost to buy enough jelly to fill half a swimming know....just for a bit of light entertainment at my next birthday party!

Big Passy Wasabi

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