Friday, August 20, 2010

Brian Regan Friday Funny

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Everyone loved the Brian Regan clips we included wioth a previous Friday Funny. So we thought as a favor to our loyal followers, that we would do a follow up, featuring 100% Brian Regan.

So we have been through the many YouTube clips out there, and chosen our own little Passy World "Best Of" collection for your LOL'ing enjoyment. So let's get the show started!

Here is a quick classic Brian Regan clip about "Name Tags" .

Here is one from Brian all about kids and Bike Riding in the street.

Another classic one about Drink Cup Sizes at Mc Donald's. It is quite amazing when you stop and think about all of those ridiculous promotions and meal combinations offered at major Fast Food outlets.

The following video is all about going to Hospital, and the funny, (and not so funny), things that happen there.

This video will tell you all about cars, and how Brian (and most of us other mere mortals), know so little about them).

Brian Regan living at home and reading the Newspaper. This is a rather lengthy one, (6 minutes), but covers some damn funny material.

Here is a Brian Clip done in Lego of the classic "Walkie Talkie" skit.

And another great Brian Lego clip about Flying involving traveling as a commercial passenger by aeroplane.

So I suppose everyone has been wondering what Brian looks like in real life, and so here is another picture of the legendary Brian Regan.

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And here is a video clip actually featuring all of Brian in the flesh.

Hope you liked the "Brian Regan Revisited" mega film festival, and hope you all have yourselves a very exciting weekend.

Big Passy Wasabi

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