Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Interesting Circles

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Circles are quite useful when we go skateboarding, and are called "pipes" and "half pipes".

Here is a quick video of some Skateboarding inside a pipe.

Here is some more skating inside a pipe, but this time with an awesome full circle loop at the end.

In Skate Boarding, and BMX Bike riding, doing a full rollercoaster style loop is called doing a "Loop of Death", (for reasons that will become apparent a bit later on).

Here is a video of two skateboarders making it around the full circle "Loop of Death":

But before you think about trying this at home, perhaps you should check out this video:

BMX bikes and Motorbikes have done some successful full circle Loops.

Speaking of things going round and round, here is an interesting little science experiment. (Warning: Don't try this at home!)

So we've seen skateboards and bikes do full circle loops, but what about something bigger, like a car?

Here is a failed attempt to have a Car do a full circle Loop:

Here is the mathematics of a Loop the Loop, which helps explain why it is so hard to do successfully.

Here is "Fifth Gear's" Loop the Loop high quality video of a car successfully making it. It gives the math that was used as well. In fact they set a new world record doing it.

Now for something completely mad involving circles that happens in England at Gloucestershire every year.

This one involves a big round circular cheese being rolled down an insanely steep hill, with the competitors chasing it downhill at full speed.

Let's finish off spreading a bit of culture around the globe, by featuring some classic Australian "Circle Work" that country boys do in their Utes:

Well I'm feeling quite dizzy after that final round of circles, and so I won't be doing any circle work in the ute today mate.

Big Passy Wasabi

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