Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Kids Friday Funny

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Welcome to another Friday Funny. This week the focus is on children, and all the funny things they do. We also have some funny kiddie pictures, and some very childish jokes.

So let's start "kidding" around with this little video clip from YouTube:

"Charlie Bit Me" The funniest thing about this video is that it has had over
220 million views on YouTube.

Sure it's a cute video, and demonstrates what all brothers do to each other, but is it really that funny ?

Kiddie Jokes - Part 1

Q. How did the telephones get married ?
A. In a double ring ceremony !

Q. Why did the child study in the aeroplane ?
A. He wanted a higher education !

Q. Why was the broom late ?
A. It over swept !

Q. What kind of hair do oceans have ?
A. Wavy !

Q. Why did the cowboy die with his boots on ?
A. Because he didn't want to stub his toe when he kicked the bucket !

Q. What steps would you take if a madman came rushing at you with a knife ?
A. Great big ones !

Q. Why is it not safe to sleep on trains ?
A. Because they run over sleepers !

Q. How do you cure a headache ?
A. Smash your head through a window, and the pane will just disappear !

You know baby photos are just the cutest. Here is a great three minute special compilation album from YouTube.

Here is a technically amazing video clip of the Evian Roller Blading babies.

Here are some more hilarious kids jokes.

(We're positive you'll be laughing your heads off at these ones!)

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Kiddie Jokes - Part 2

One day a boy was walking down the street when he saw a sea monster standing on the corner looking lost. The boy put a leash on the sea monster and took him to the police station.
'You should take him to the museum,' said the policeman !

The next day the policeman saw the boy in the town again with the monster on the leash.

'I thought I told you to take him to the museum,' said the policeman !
'I did,' said the boy, 'and today I'm taking him to the cinema.'

'What were you before you came to school, boys and girls ?' asked the teacher, hoping that someone would say 'babies.' She was disappointed when all the children cried out, 'Happy'

Later that day, the same teacher was furious with her son. 'Just because you've been put in my class, there's no need to think you can take liberties. You're a pig!'
The boy said nothing !
'Well ! Do you know what a pig is ?'
'Yes, mum,' said the boy, 'the offspring of a swine.'

Simple Simon was writing a geography essay. It began like this: The people who live in Paris are called parasites....

And the people who live on earth are humans. But how did humans evolve? They say we came from monkeys. But perhaps our closest living relation isn't some kind of monkey after all. Maybe it's the Panda!

Blondes supposedly know how to have more fun. But does this look like fun?

Maybe this is how the swine flu really started!

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Little Blonde Girl Jokes

Q. Why did the blonde girl shoot the alarm clock ?
A. Because she felt like killing time.

Q. Why did the blonde girl wear a wet shirt all day ?
A. Because the label said, 'Wash and Wear.'

Q. Why did the blonde girl spend two weeks in a revolving door ?
A. Because she was looking for the doorknob.

Q. Why did the little blonde girl pick up soap bubbles and put them to her ear ?
A. Because she liked soap operas.

Q. Why did the blonde girl keep running around her bed ?
A. Because she was trying to catch up with her sleep.

Q. Why did the little blonde girl put the chicken in a tub of boiling hot water ?
A. Because she wanted the chicken to lay hard-boiled eggs.

Q. What did blonde Cinderella say when her photos didn't arrive?
A. 'Some day my prints will come.'

Here are several parts of a series of Etrade commercials that are quite amusing.

First up we have "Etrade the baby trader".

Etrade Mobile Phone trading commercial:

Etrade the singing babies:

Etrade golfing baby. He has such a big attitude for such a little boy !

Time to lay back, and check out our final set of very childish jokes.

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Kiddie Jokes - Part 3

Q. Why did the sword swallower swallow an umbrella ?
A. He wanted to put something away for a rainy day !

Q. What was the gangsters last words ?
A. Who put that violin in my violin case !

Q. What lies at the bottom of the sea and shivers ?
A. A nervous wreck !

Q. Why did the man take a pencil to bed ?
A. So he could draw the curtains !

Q. Why did the burglar take a shower ?
A. He wanted to make a clean getaway !

Q. Why do idiots eat biscuits?
A. Because they're crackers !

Q. How did Noah see the animals in the Ark at night ?
A. He used flood lighting !

Hopefully we won't be flooded with complaints about any child like inappropriateness in relation to this latest post.

Guess I had better go check what the kids are doing!

Big Passy Wasabi

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