Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creating Your Own Avatars

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Today we have had a bit of fun making some Avatars on our computer. It seems the tow most popular creators out there are the Simpsons and South Park generators, and so these are the two main ones we have reviewed here.

Let's first take a look at the Simpsons online Avatar Creator, that can be accessed here:

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The Simpsons creator takes you through individual selections for body shape, hair, eyes, nose, clothes, etc until we have a completed Simpsons styled character.

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Then we can save, email to friend, or download our Avatar as either an Icon or a JPG file.

We had trouble the first time saving it as a Download, because pop ups were blocked, but then when we allowed pop ups, it erased our work and took us back to the start of design process.

So after we had set Internet explorer to always allow pop ups from the site, we remade our Avatar, and this time when we used the download as JPEG option it generated and then saved to our hard drive okay.

You need to be patient on this step because it may take a few minutes to generate. A 612x692 image was saved to our PC okay.

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There is also a South Park avatars creator that can be used to make your own characters as well.

The South Park Avatar Creator can be accessed by clicking the following link:

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To get started click on "New Character" at the bottom of the screen and first pic the type of character (Male, Female, Child, etc).

The remaining steps are just like the Simpsons where we work our way through eyes, noses, hair choices, clothes, and accessories.

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When we are finished we cannot save our Avatar, but we can print it out.

If we have Adobe PDF we can print it out and obtain an image with a white background, that we could then screenprint and take into Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop to save permanently.

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However, if we click "Finish" rather than "Print", we can add a background image to our Avatar.

But if we now print out this picture, the background does not come out int he printout. So we would have to printscreen key the picture, and then paste it into an image editor and crop it, and then save it.

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Here is a creator where we can create our own Avatar for forums, from a photo that we have on our PC.

But all this site does is resize our photo to less than 200x200 pixels, so that we can use it as our image on an Internet forum. It does not actually let us build and create unique Avatars.
However, this site could be handy if we want to reduce our Simpsons Avatar down in size to use as our Facebook image for example.

Finally, the following site is a neat little Flash game, where you can build your own Avatar, and then email** it to yourself or your friends.
** We could not actually get the email option to work on our PC, and saved our Avatar by doing a printscreen.

If you would lik3 to try out this online Avatar maker, then click on this link:

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So that's the Passy World info on making your own Avatars. Why not make your own Simpsons character, or any other Avatar, and email it to us at the contact address down the right hand side of this blog page.

Big Passy Wasabi

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