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Swinging to Pendulum

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Pendulum is an Australian electronic rock/drum & bass band founded in 2002 in Perth by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding. Harding is a veteran DJ while Swire and McGrillen were part of an acclaimed rock band known as Xygen, but after hearing Konflict's "Messiah" at a rave they were inspired into the drum and bass genre, in 2003 they relocated to the United Kingdom. While Hold Your Colour held true to this intent, they have since experimented with mixing rock influences back in, with the rock-heavy second album In Silico, and the third album, Immersion, being a mixture of both, together with more electronic influences.

Their newer efforts incorporate styles from genres such as dubstep, heavy metal and electro house. Pendulum are now better known for their energetic live shows, with live band setup and advanced visual displays and incorporating their rock background with drum and bass.

Here at Passy World we discovered Pendulum totally by chance, whilst looking at Call of Duty Videos on YouTube.

But we are sure glad we did find out about them! Their "Immersion" album is awesome and one of our favorite driving to work CDs.

They are touring Australia next month and we will be going to see them in concert in Melbourne on Novemeber 1st.

Here is the typical type of COD video which exposed us to the fabulous music of Pendulum:

Here is the same song "Crush" performed live by Pendulum:

Pendulum Band Members

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Rob Swire – vocals, synthesiser, producer (2002–present)
Peredur ap Gwynedd – guitar (2006–present)
Gareth McGrillen – bass guitar, DJ (2002–present)
Kevin Sawka – drums (2009–present)
Paul Kodish – drums (2006–2009)
Paul Harding ("El Hornet") – DJ (2002–present)
Ben Mount ("The Verse") – MC (2006–present)

"Watercolor" is one of Pendulum's best singles so far.

Here is a classic COD clip that uses Pendulum's awesome music.

Pendulum Albums

Hold Your Colour (2005)
In Silico (2008)
Immersion (2010)

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There are many Pendulum clips on YouTube, but sadly a lot of them have embedding disabled by request. So you will have to go to YouTube and find them yourselves.

So to finish off, here are a couple of live clips.

Here is Pendulum "Slam" performed live.

Here is Pendulum playing a tune called "Granite" live:

So if you have liked what you've seen and heard on this blog post, then make sure you buy the fabulous "Immersion" album by this awesome band.

Big Passy Wasabi

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  1. I saw them last night for the second time! They are one of my top favorite bands. They openend up for Stinkin' Park but it was worth it to pay $90 to see them play. I will have to see them in Perth someday where people have good taste. P.S. I am listening to Immersion for the zillionth time right now and it still isn't old.