Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Diigo Web Pages Bookmarking

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Diigo is a set of internet site bookmarking tools. It is great for keeping track of your favorites in the cloud, so that they can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

It also has great additional features for sharing bookmarks, organising bookmarks into lists, and creating groups of people to share with in Diigo.
Diigo can also highlight text on a stored site, and add sticky notes to sotred web pages.

The feature we like best about Diigo is making a slide show in Diigo of a specific set of bookmarked internet sites. More on all of these features a bit later on.

Here is a great introductory video on what Diigo does

Here is a video that shows how Diigo lives in the "Cloud" and includes useful info about the iPad and Android apps for Diigo.

This video does not have narration, but is like a filmed PowerPoint.
We recommend this as a video to watch if you do not have sound available on your computer at the moment.

Using Diigo without the Toolbar

Here is a video that shows the main features of Diigo. Importantly, it will show you how to add Bookmarks to Diigo, if you are logged on at a location where you cannot install the Diigo Toolbar.

Diigo Groups

Groups are a great way of setting up some people who can collaboratively share web pages that they find on the Internet.

Here is a basic video on how to join Diigo and share with a group/

Here is a video about how to set up a Group on Diigo. It shows a good example of how to set up a group for a class you might be teaching.

Here is a video about how to invite people by email to join a Diigo Group that you have created. These people don't have to be members of Diigo yet, as the email will guide them on how to create a Diigo account prior to joining the group.

Here is the second part of the previous video about getting people to join your Diigo Group. It explains how to download the Diigo toolbar and get started using Diigo. It then shows how you can add bookmarks out of your own "My Library" into the shared group.

Diigo Slide Shows

Here is a video about Diigo "WebSlides" for making slideshows.

Here is a slideshow we made all about Integers for Mathematics that is embeded here in our Blog.

The only problem with Diigo slideshows is that none of the links to YouTube videos work, because the video cannot load from within the Diigo slideshow.

Here is a direct link to the above Diigo slideshow. (We could email this link to people, to give them our slide show).


Here is a link to our Diigo "List" that we created and then generated the slideshow from: http://tinyurl.com/integers1ppa

It is important that users of the list click the small green links for each web page, rather than the blue Diigo links which sends them to Diigo's history for the site.

For details on how we created the "list" and "webslides" slideshow, see the PDF document link later in this blog post.

We have only recently joined Diigo here at Passy World. Below is a PDF document that goes through what we did to get set up. It may supply you with some interesting tips and traps about using Diigo.

Our main objective in getting set up was to create a List of websites related to Integers in Mathematics, and then to turn this list into a Diigo slide show.

(Note that this is a 2.5MB PDF document and may take a while to load in).

Here is a video about how Diigo caN be used in Year 7 English for collaborating responses about a newspaper article.

Diigo and Delicious

"Delicious" is another free application that can bookmark web sites. Here at Passy World we haven't used "Delicious" for bookmarking yet, but the really cool thing is that apparently all your Diigo bookmarks are automatically added to "Delicious".

Here is a video about how to use "Delicious".

So that's the full story on Diigo. We can see that it will be quite a useful free tool for us to use here at Passy World, and hopefully will be useful to you guys as well.

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