Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Funny Made of Lego

Conservatives Painting
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Maybe not everyone in the above picture enjoys Passy's World of ICT Friday Funnies.

So how do we assemble a Friday Funny that will make them smile?

Let's try assembling this week's Friday Funny out of lego ?
It should be pretty obvious how to do this, as per the following video.

Obviously you are hungry for more wonderful lego humour, but just be careful of what you consume.

Lego Meal
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Perhaps you are hungry for some Pizza. A lot of people are, as shown in this marvelous little documentary.

And because you loved that little adventure so much, here is an equally exciting sequel.

We don't have a relevant picture to fit in just here, so you'll have to take your own happy snappy.

Lego Digital Camera
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Time now for some random Lego Super Heroes.

Sorry Picture Not Found
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Here is a sneak preview from next season's new Batman thriller.

Also hitting the cinemas next season will be the stunning remake of Jaws!

It seems there is no end to how clever people are able to get all artistic with their lego masterpieces.

Lego Mona Lisa
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And here is a very clever game of Lego Mini Golf. Take note of the important tips about outwitting your opponent.

Saving the best for last, here is the over four million views Lego Nintendo Wii video. It is definitely one of our all time favourites here at Passy World.

And so it's hats off this week to all those creative people around the world making great stuff out of colored bricks!

Lego Fashion Show
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Time to go snap together another colourful and creative weekend.

Big Passy Wasabi

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