Saturday, December 11, 2010

iRig for Guitar

Picture of iRig setup

Here at Passy World we have just bought the fabulous Amplitude iRig for our guitar. Ever since we got it, we have been playing guitar so much that our fingers are killing us! It is absolutely awesome.

The "iRig" as pictured above is basically an adaptor that an electric guitar or bass plugs into, and then this connects to the earphone socket of an ipad, ipod touch, or iphone. We then plug earphones or headphones into the irgig adaptor's other end, and presto we have a full set of guitar amps and effects pedals.

The sounds are great, the volume is adequate, (especially if using some good headphones), and the latency is perfect with no real lag time at all.

The free app that comes with the iRig adapter gives you a digital delay, a distortion pedal, a noise gate pedal, and a basic Marshall style amplifier. There are then two ways of micing up the amp.

We soon found we wanted a full set of effects pedals and amps and cabinets, and so for around $20 we brought the full Amplitude irig set from the Itunes store. You could also just buy separate pedals for around $4 each, but we definitely recommend buying the full $20 set of pedals and amplifiers.

IRig Pedals Picture
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Here is a You Tube video that demonstrates just how good the iRig is.

Of course the great thing is that as well as all the effects pedals you could ever want, (11 stomp pedals in total), you also get 5 amps, 5 cabinets and 2 microphones.

When running the iRig however, we can only use 4 pedals with one amplifier and one microphone at a time. Eg. We cannot seem to connect all 11 pedals to each other.

Here is one of the five amps that comes with the $20 full package:

Picture of an iRig Amp
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Here is a typical configuration of four pedals with an amplifier

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If you want to read a great review of the iRig by Robert from Dolphin Street guitar, then click the link below:

Here is a video of Robert putting the iRig through its paces.

The iRig is made by IK Multimedia, and here is a link to their site:

Here is their promotional video for the iRig.

Here is a great clip that shows the iRig being used on an iPad

The IRig software is available as Apps on Itunes. The actual Irig adaptor needs to be purchased at your local music shop. It will cost about $60 in Australia, and less in the USA. Passy World purchased ours from Cranbourne Music who are a great store here in Melbourne Australia.

So if you have an electric guitar then definitely spend around $80 on an iRig setup. This will give you in your pants pocket the equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of Amps, Cabinets, and Pedals that you can use with just a guitar and and iphone. This is truly awesome technology!

Big Passy Wasabi

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