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How to Paint a Room

Painting Eqipment
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Even though we'd love to spend our whole summer break holidays nerding away here at Passy World, there are also some domestic jobs that need attending to.

One of these involves beautifying Passy World by doing some indoor painting. Since we have spent a bit of time on YouTube doing a crash course in Painting, we thought we'd share the results with you right here.

Unfortunately we didn't find any amazing computer technology that simplifies the tasks of painting, So for redoing our room, it looks like it's all brushes and rollers.

No doubt for large scale Industrial jobs there are amazing paint Robots, and all sorts of computerised wizardy, but here at Passy World, the ipod music in the ears will be the only advanced technology we will be using.

YouTube How to Paint Videos

The "SHCS" have an excellent channel on YouTube of more than 30 videos on how to paint, and these are high quality productions.
Access these videos using this link:

The "ExpertRealEstateTips" channel on YouTube is also very good, and has some videos that we have featured later in this post.

So after an exhaustive search of the web, here is Passy World's Free six step "Painting 101" course, for anyone who's never handled a paint brush.

Step 1 - Getting all the Equipment Together

This is not exhaustive, and might be incomplete, but this is what we think we will need for our paint job.

Equipment List: Paint, small buckets or ice cream containers for holding paint, Ladder, an Edger Tool, Mini Roller, Big Flat thin brush, Angled brush with thin tip, Large Roller, Paint Pan, Roller extension handle, Drop Sheets, Old Newspapers, Box Cutter, Blue Masking Tape, Caulking Gun, Caulking Filler, Filler knife trowel, Sandpaper, Sugar Soap Wall Wash, Overalls, and a Peaked cap to keep paint off hair and face, ipod or radio, latex disposable gloves, old towels, sponges, and rags for mopping up, water bucket.

Just remember that it is very important to be extremely careful when bringing all of this brand new equipment home from the shops:

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Possibly some very slow careful driving back from the paint store will be the order of the day.

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Step 2 - Preparation

How To Prep For Painting

First of all we are going to need to fill up all those gaps with a Caulking Gun.

How to Cut the tip off a Tube off a Caulk Filler.

How to do the Caulking & Bridging of Large Gaps.

The next job will be taping up all of the parts we don't want to paint.

Here is a video on How to Apply Masking Tape to Skirting Boards.

Step 3 - Cutting In Brush Painting

Basically we need to go around all the edges first, which is called "cutting in", and then we get to do the rolling.

First of all, How to Cut In on Walls.

Here is a bit more about Cutting in Wall Areas.

We also need to know "How to Paint the Corners of Rooms", as part of the cutting in work.

Step 4 - Painting with the Roller

Once we have done all the fiddly cutting in, we are ready to do the rolling.

How to Use a Roller - Basics

The "SHCS" guys reckon that walls should be painted in long vertical strokes progressing along the wall. This is probably great on big walls, but for smaller areas like kitchens, perhaps the horizontal, then finishing off vertical method might be better.

Here is a great video on putting it all together to paint a whole room.

The guy who made the previous video has a great series of videos on YouTube under the "ExpertRealEstateTips" channel. As he emphasises in his videos, it is paramount to do a clean tidy job. Taping old newspapers over all windows and cupboards is a must.

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Step 5 - Painting Doors

How to Paint a Paneled Door - there is a definite method for painting those fancy paneled doors that most people have in their houses these days. We found a great pair of videos on YouTube on how to do this the correct way.

Here is the first video - "Part 1 - The Panels".

Now for the second video: "Part 2 - The outsides flat sections".

Step 6 - Getting Help

Our final tip is that no matter how much they plead with you, NEVER let the kids help with the painting, or get anywhere near any of the equipment!

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So there won't be any blog posts for a while, because Big Passy will be doing a lot of Van Goughing around the house the next few days. Needless to say he'd much rather be out painting the town, than painting the house.

Big Passy Wasabi

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