Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thirsty Merc

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Recently we went to a brilliant summer outdoor concert here in Melbourne, and saw a great Australian band called "Thirsty Merc".

Thirsty Merc are an Australian rock band, originating in 2002 in Sydney, Australia. The band's name comes from a gas guzzling Mercedes Benz which belonged to lead singer Rai when the band was first rehearsing.

The band consists of Rai Thistlethwayte vocals/guitar/keyboards, Phil Stack (bass guitar), Karl Robertson (drums), and Matt Smith (guitar).

Thirsty Merc have released one EP entitled First Work, and 3 studio albums; Thirsty Merc, Slideshows, and Mousetrap Heart. The band has sold over 200,000 albums, has toured extensively around Australia, and have received heavy airplay in Australia on a handful of songs. After breaking through onto the Australian music scene they were nominated for four ARIA Awards in 2005 and Rai was nominated for Song of the Year at the APRA Awards in 2008 for Thirsty Merc's top 2 airplay hit "20 Good Reasons". Their song "In the Summertime" was selected as the theme song for the Australian TV reality show Bondi Rescue and has been the theme song for seven consecutive seasons.

Current Lineup:
  • Rai Thistlethwayte; Guitar, piano, singer-songwriter (2002 – present).
  • Phil Stack; Bass guitar, backing vocals (2002 – present).
  • Karl Robertson; Drums, percussion (2002 – present).
  • Matt Smith; Guitar (2010 – present).

Former Members:

Matt Baker; Guitar, backing vocals (2002–2005).
Sean Carey; Guitar, backing vocals (2005-2009).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirsty_Merc

Here are some great songs to listen to by Thirsty Merc.

"Twenty Good Reasons" has been a big hit for the band, and is a great song.

Tommy and Krista is a classic love story, and this retro style film clip is awesome.

"In the Summertime" is definitely our favorite "feel good" Thirsty Merc song here at Passy World.

"Someday Someday" is another great tune by the guys.

There are planty of other great Thirsty Merc songs on YouTube, so check them out, and you can then buy a few of them at the Itunes store.

Finally, here is a Wondershare DVD Slideshow we made of photos we took of Thirsty Merc playing live at the "Red Hot Summer" series of concerts in Melbourne.

TM are a fantastic Australian band, and put on a great show on a glorious relaxing summer's day at the Morning Star vineyard.

The Wondershare DVD Slideshow maker is a great tool for turning photos into a multimedia presentation. We will be doing a review of this excellent software on Passy's World very soon.

Here is a link to the individual Photos from the Slideshow:
Facebook Thirsty Merc Photos

So that's it from roving concert photographer Big Passy.

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We are definitely having a great summertime here at Passy's World.

Big Passy Wasabi

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