Friday, January 21, 2011

Tim Hawkins Friday Funny

Tim Hawkins staring outside a church
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Tim Hawkins is an extremely talented American comedian. He does stand up comedy, as well as writing funny songs and send ups of other songs.

One of our friends in the US recently sent us a link to the following video about "Old Rockstars". This is how we found out about Tim Hawkins here at Passy World. He is a really funny guy, and an excellent guest for our Friday Funny.

We all know how lousey outsourced Tech Support can be. Tim Hawkins has written a song all about it, along with the other common joys of computing.

Tim's "I Work at Subway" song is typical of the parodies and remakes of famous Top 40 songs that he does.

Here is a Tim Hawkins song about not drinking beer, combined with a very simple but effective Flash animation.

Tim Hawkins also does regular stand up comedy as well as his songs.

Here is a great rave by Tim about Parents.

Another excerpt from Tim's stand-up routine, but this time all about Playgrounds.

There are a few other funny Tim Hawkins videos on You Tube, so be sure to check them out sometime. If you live in the USA and get a chance to see him live, then do it.

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