Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wii Grand Slam Tennis

Nadal plays a big shot
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At one of the recent post Christmas sales, we picked up a heavily discounted copy of Wii Tennis. This game has been out for a while, and friends of ours had said it was good. They were not wrong! This is a great game and is so realistic and addictive, it even surprised us here at Passy World.

We highly recommend getting it if you have a Nintendo Wii. If you don't already have a Wii, then get one, because they are great fun, especially when friends come over to visit, or if you want to play against all sorts of random people online.

Here is Grand Slam Tennis Intro video by EA Sports.

The game has lots of famous players and tennis courts from all around the world. There is even the Austalian Open with the real commentators such as John Newcombe and Pat Cash. In addition, there is a pro shop where you can pimp up your players.

This next video is a Grand Slam tennis in depth tutorial by EA who are the makers of the game.

Serving is tricky for beginners. You need to use the Wii controller to toss up, and then just swing down and flick your wrist at the end to get a powerful serve. So basically you toss up, and serve all with the one hand. This is the only part of the game that is different to real tennis. Everything else in playing the game is just like the real thing. It is indeed an awesomely realistic game.

Here is a video that gives some useful advice about Serving, and moving in to the net, to play serve/volley style games.

One thing not mentioned clearly in any of the tutorials we have seen thus far, is using the A and B buttons. Eg. With our controller we found we were able to press the A button to do a high Lob, and use the bottom of controller back button to make shots land in short close to the net. This is very useful to know, and definitely helps win points.

With the Australian Open Tennis coming up this month here in Melbourne, it is the perfect time to be playing this game here at Passy World.

So let's swing those controllers and serve up some aces!

Big Passy Wasabi

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  1. after about 20 hrs of play, I will flat out say this is the best, by far, tennis/gaming experience i've ever been able to play. The depth of control with Wii Motion is unreal. Invest the time, and you will be SMILING ear to ear playing this, and then probably wanting to go take some tennis lessons too. EA gets a knod, I have not been a fan of them for quite some time, but everything in this game is done right to MAKE THE GAME FUN...awesome, awesome. You feel the adreneline flow before tryingto return a HUGE Sampras serve, knowing hes coming into net - the look and feel of EACH pro is just like real life (even given the graphics of this game) you feel the mounting pressure of a cross court rally, the crowd erupts, your playe reacts - what a game.