Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wondershare DVD Slideshow

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Here at Passy World we recently purchased a fabulous 8-in-1 bundle of multimedia software from Wondershare. The DVD slideshow builder is awesome, and so well thought out and easy to use.

Here is a quick video showing the General concept of getting your photos into the project, and then applying the preset styles to them.

Here is a more detailed video of an earlier version of the software.

First of all, let's just say that the name "DVD" in this software is a bit limiting, because the software can actually output in virtually an video format you like. And the output can be to your hard drive, to mobile devices, or to a DVD.

We decided we would take around thirty of our Washington DC photos from last year and build a quick slideshow to show everyone how easy and powerful this product is.

Here is a Tutorial video we made here at Passy World on how to use the Wondershare Slideshow maker.

Click on the video's 360p right hand corner and increase it to 720 HD and
then go full screen to be able to see all of the screenshots clearly.

With a bit of trial and error work, we completed our slideshow. We then did an initial "Create" save as an ordinary PC size Mpeg4, which only takes about five minutes to render to completion. We then watched this video in full screen mode to check everything was okay.

We then re-saved it as HD Mpeg4 at 30 frames per second using the "Create" function in Wondershare. The file size for 3 minutes of video was around 200 meg, and so it takes about an hour to upload to YouTube. We found that it is best to render the final video into the highest HD quality to get nice clear results.

Here is the finished Wondershare slideshow of Washington DC on YouTube.

Make sure you change the bottom right hand corner resolution to HD and watch the video in full screen mode.

Finally, here is another Wondershare slideshow video we made and handed over to Australian Rock band "Thirsty Merc". See our previous post at: for more details.

If you would like to get your own copy of this fabulous Wondershare software, then click the link below:

The software is currently marked down $59.95 to only $48 and is excellent value.

Another excellent product that we use here at Passy World is "Video Converter Ultimate". For more details on this product, click the link below:

They also have many other excellent multimedia products, and there backup support is awesome.

It certainly is a wonderful wondershare world!

Big Passy Wasabi

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