Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Add and Subtract Integers

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Here at Passy's World we have been exploring a lot of resources on Integers. These are "Directed Numbers" with positive and negative values.

This post contains a small sample of our own materials, along with some great videos that we found on "SchoolTube".

Comparing and Ordering Integers

The following website has a good video of Powerpoint slides about Comparing Integers.


The following is a narrated video of whiteboard instructions to put Integer values onto number line and do ordering of the Integers. Puts the values into ascending order.

Here are some students with a great Number Line they made. Number lines are a great way of learning to do Integers.

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Adding Integers

The following video was made here at Passy's World of ICT and gives an Introduction to Adding Integers

Spider Match Game

The image at the start of this blog post is from a great fun Integers Game called "Spider Match". This game will give you plenty of fun practice on Adding Integers. Click the link below to play the game.


The game's site also has links to other Integer games as well. These games are all online multiplayer, and so you can play against randoms from all over the world by joining exisiting games, or just play against the computer.

Subtracting Integers

Here is a great video that introduces and explains the "KFC" - Keep Flip Change rule for subtracting integers.

Here is Part 2 of the Subtracting Integers Video that has further examples.

SchoolTube has many more videos on Integers, just go to their link below and search on "Integers":


We also have a master list of links for Integer resources on the following Diigo List: (We keep adding to this list regularly).


Finally, here is one of our all time favorite videos about Integers: The Integers Rap.

Hope this made you feel a bit more Positive about doing some Mathematics,

Big Passy Wasabi

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