Sunday, February 27, 2011


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Welcome to our post about Edublogs. These are free blogs that are great to use with students, because the school's network does not block student access the way it does for Google Blogger.

Obviously we are big fans of Google Blogger here at Passy World, and we had wanted our students to make Google blogs. However our school network had all sorts of blocks and filtering for Google Blogger. We tried to remove these, but had no luck at getting blogger to work for the students. We have therefore resorted to using Edublogs as a substitute.

The following ten minute YouTube video was made to show students how they can obtain a screen capture of a Project they made on the computer, and crop and resize this image for use in their blog.

We then log into Edublogs and make a basic blog post.

So that's about it. Edublogs is a great free blogging tool that can be used to have students write blog entries about their ICT projects.

In each blog post entry Students are required to:

  • Include at least one screenshot of their project work

  • Describe what the project was about

  • Discuss any problems or issues they encountered while completing their project

  • Mention any new things they learned during their work on the project

  • Write a concluding sentence.

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