Friday, March 18, 2011

Camping Friday Funny

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Big Passy is off on school camp with the children next week, and he is hoping for good weather. So next week there will not be a Friday Funny.

Hopefully there won't be any disasters like the ones in this video.

And the children will be sound asleep early every night.

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Here is another great promotional video about camping, (but be warned, the song does have some rude words in it here and there).

Here is a real camping disaster in the making for one of our woody little friends.

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If sleeping in a tent looks far too daunting for you, then maybe caravaning is the answer. Just be careful that you have the right setup on your rig.

Not too sure whether this guy was trying to impersonate a bear attacking a tent, or whether he had been drinking too much from a bottle with a big white bear on its label.

If you are scared of spiders, then camping may not be for you.

And here in Australia, snakes can be a bit of a worry for all campers.

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Speaking of snakes, here is another great camping prank from those great Aussie "Gall Boys".

In online war games, if you just hide somewhere and try and shoot passers by, this is known as "Camping". Other players do not like you doing this, because you should be playing fair and running around and getting shot at like everyone else. Camping is basically a noob cowardly act.

Here is a musical parody about this type of "camping". It is a little bit on the long side, and you probably need to be an online gamer to get the humor.

Here is a great Camping Fail Video that shows what war game camping is all about. You find a good hiding spot and you lay down in the prone position so it is really hard for anyone to shoot you. This is classic camping, but watch what happens.

Anyway, I'm off to stock up on some quality weekend sleep before all the fun of school camp.

Big Passy Wasabi

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