Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Friday Funny

Babies on Couch
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This week we are having a look at some very infantile humour indeed, with a feature on babies.

Let's start off with this first video of classic baby blunders.

One of the biggest parts of being a baby is the eternal quest for food. For some newborns the "Hunter Gatherer" instinct kicks in early, with the hunt for food being a constant high priority.

Baby chasing kitten
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One little guy figured he could make it into a restaurant kitchen full of foodie delights, by disguising himself as a lobster. (looks like the disguise worked a bit too well !).

Baby in Lobster Outift
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Some babies make it to the fridge, but then get too carried away talking about what tonite's tasty treat is going to be.

This video is a TV commercial showing just how far across country a baby can go in its unstoppable zest for life.

Some babies are just so darn tired from all that running around to even eat their dinner once they get it.

Baby asleep in cake
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This next kid is too terrified to even ask what's up for consumption in the high chair today.

Thank goodness we don't actually see "Mummy's Nose" in the video clip. From the look on the baby's face, our guess is she must have a giant mutant snoz uglier than the Wicked Witch of the West!

These next babies certainly won't be going short of a good feed while training for their future profession.

Sumo babies
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Etrade have made a series of "baby" commercials with grown up words dubbed into the baby's mouths. This one here is one of our favorites.

What would a Friday Funny on babies be without the all time classic "Charlie Bit My Finger" with over 298 million views on YouTube.

Finally, a song with "Baby Baby" in it by Justin Beiber.
This one you can really laugh at. It is the best JB song ever !

Let's hope you're not spending the weekend babysitting this cheery little group.

(Looks like they were forced to listen to many Justin Beiber songs, or maybe they were subjected to something else equally as unpleasant).

Unhappy babies on couch
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Baby Baby it's time to go rock into the weekend.

Big Passy Wasabi

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