Monday, April 11, 2011

RP355 Guitar Effects

RP355 pic 500k from PW

If you've been wondering why we haven't been doing any blogging lately, well this is the reason why.

The Digitech RP355 Guitar Effects Pedal. It is awesome and only cost $300 here in Australia. It is even cheaper in the USA where it only costs about $200.

The product is really well designed and refreshingly easy to use. Digitech are a company that make very musician friendly products. They have a variety of Guitar and Bass processing pedals. A friend of mine also uses one of their vocal harmonisers, which is also a wonderful machine.

The RP355 pedal has these main components:
  • Programmable Presets
  • Stomp Box mode where it models a chain of effects pedals
  • A drum machine with basic grooves that we can play along with
  • A sampler/looper where we can record progressions to play along with
  • A USB interface to our computer for editing and recording
Here is a great 10 minute instructional video on the functions of the RP355.

Here is a demo of many of the great presets available on the RP355.

Here is a demo of just the first 10 presets on the RP355.

XEdit screen cap from PW

The X-Edit software that is available as a free download after purchasing the pedal is brilliant. As well as using it to program our own user presets onto the unit, we can also save the preset to our computer, and then post it to forums, or email it to our friends. XEdit can also be used to regularly backup our RP355, especially prior to doing any firmware update.

Here is a great video that shows how easy it is to use X-edit on your computer.

Before using X-edit, it is necessary to get the latest drivers, and get the unit connected to your computer via USB.

Digitech has a great download page at: .

X-Edit is so much easier than doing a bunch of knob twiddling, as the interface is all in front of you at once on the PC screen.

On my PC, the RP355, (while plugged in), replaces the Creative Soundcard as the sound device, and so we have to get YouTube video sound through the RP355 rather than PC speakers. But this is actually good, because it means we can play guitar through the RP355 along with the video (or other sound) that is on our PC.

There are some good X-Edit tones (Presets) for the RP355 that can be downloaded from the Tones menu bar on this digitech page:

There is also a Digitech Community where people upload sounds for sharing at this address:

"Cubase LE" also comes with the RP355 to use when recording to computer, but we have not investigated this yet.

Here is a video from "Erroneous218" where he has used the drums from the RP355 with Cubase Le4 to make a really nice guitar track.

Let's finish off with a great demo of the RP355 by a guy from YouTube called "BurningYen". The Pink Floyd solo he is playing is one of our all time favorites.

So fun we have been having with the RP355 is why we have not been blogging much at Passy World.

However, we definitely have a few interesting updates coming down the pipeline soon.

Big Passy Wasabi

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